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Prevent your idle Credit Cards from being canceled

When credit cards go idle and get cancelled it can make a huge impact on your credit score. We let you make small charges of as low as $1 to the card to prevent this.

We are proud to be helping keep 1,195
member's credit cards safe from being closed due to inactivity for free!

Our service is offered for free with no subscription. The only charges will be the amounts you configure to run against your credit cards at the interval you decide. Absolutely no surprise fees! - Prevent your idle credit cards from being closed | Product Hunt

Quick and easy to configure

Takes just a few seconds per card to set up


We don't charge anything for using our service, only the amount you configure us to charge to your card to keep it active.


We utilize Stripe to make the charges on your cards. We do not store your card information on our servers.


Add as many cards as you like, we can handle it.


Chose any amount you like down to $1 at any interval you like from every day to once a year.

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